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End User Experience Management

​End User Experience

End User ExperienceApplication Performance Management has entered a new turning point.  APM is no longer just monitoring tools.  The focus is now on end user experience (EUX), with the goal of driving enterprise business innovation, customer acquisition and retention, and competitive advantage.  A positive end user experience directly contributes to increased productivity and revenue.  After all, speed is money.

End User Experience Management focuses on three key areas; Customer Experience, Application Performance and Continuous Delivery.

Visibility into your application delivery process allows you to make smart, informed decisions when investing in IT infrastructure to support your business's goals.

CDM's EUX offerings give you the visibility and control you need to make smart, informed decisions based on quantifiable end user experience metrics. 

Having access to accurate, real-time information that you can quickly interrogate to identify issues impacting EUX allows you to greatly reduce the Mean Time to Innocence (MTTI).  MTTI is that wasted time spent deflecting responsibility for a degradation in service delivery by blaming performance issues on a technology, vendor and service provider without having the data to back up your assertions.  Often the MTTI takes longer to fight through than it takes to resolve the actual issue impacting service levels. 


CDM's EUX management solutions can quickly reduce the MTTI and isolate the actual elements that are impacting the end user experience.   CDM has a range of solutions to help you deliver a positive EUX, including;

  • End user experience dashboards – Understand how do your customers or employees use your application.  Report on individual user experience across every step of the application delivery chain
  • Synthetic monitoring – test you application environment before your customers or employees test it for you.  Identify areas for improvement before making changes to the application delivery chain.
  • EUX baselining – have the information you need to quantify the end user experience before and after changes to the IT service delivery catalogue.
  • EUX issue identification and resolution – quickly find the element or system that is degrading the EUX and provide a resolution to return it to where you need it to be.


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Areas of Excellence
  • Defence

    For over 20 years CDM has continued to work with the Department of Defence delivering outcomes to their exacting standards and meeting their needs.

    The Department of Defence has exacting standards, complex needs and challenging timeframes as they undertake many important additions and upgrades to their technology. CDM continues to work with many key areas within Defence to deliver innovative and well-managed solutions. CDM’s proven approach to project assessment and delivery has seen numerous projects completed on time and on budget.

    Department of Defence
  • Government

    CDM works with all three tiers of government, Federal, State and Local to deliver the facilities they need to enhance service delivery.

    Excellent technical skills along with a customer outcome focused ethic help government organisations achieve the most cost effective result over the life of the project.

    Through working with all tiers of government for over 20 years CDM understands the importance of delivering value for money projects through high quality advice, innovation, thought leadership, and strong delivery methodology and practices.

    Federal, State and Local Government Supported