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Nomad - Intelligent Mobility Gateway

NOMAD​​​ - Intelligent Mobility Gateway

NOMAD is a highly flexible environment for building value into line of business (LOB) applications where data is collected in the field, processed and parsed to on premise backend systems or cloud locations.

NOMAD provides the tools for collecting a wide array of data sets directly on board, such as GIS data, vehicular and performance data, environmental data or user data.  In addition, a wide range of NOMAD customers embed either full or client versions of their own applications on to the NOMAD Operating Environment to perform in field processing of data ready to be accepted by their own back end systems.  Examples include fleet and asset management applications, field service automation and servicing applications, location based services for lone workers and safety applications.

Our NOMAD intelligent gateway can work equally with existing sensors and devices in your business or our partners machine sensors.

NOMAD's built in wireless mesh capabilities, provides secure hotspot and Ethernet based communications for client devices extending the application possibilities beyond the collection and processing of information.


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    For over 20 years CDM has continued to work with the Department of Defence delivering outcomes to their exacting standards and meeting their needs.

    The Department of Defence has exacting standards, complex needs and challenging timeframes as they undertake many important additions and upgrades to their technology. CDM continues to work with many key areas within Defence to deliver innovative and well-managed solutions. CDM’s proven approach to project assessment and delivery has seen numerous projects completed on time and on budget.

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    Through working with all tiers of government for over 20 years CDM understands the importance of delivering value for money projects through high quality advice, innovation, thought leadership, and strong delivery methodology and practices.

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