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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation - the use of digital technology to transform the world we live in

At CDM, we build best of class solutions for today's digital workplace that increase employee productivity, improve your competitive advantage and introduce workflow and collaboration efficiencies that have a direct, positive contribution to your bottom line. 

Gathering information to support fact-based decisions and presenting that information in a collaboration platform customised to your unique business requirements is a key contributor to business success.  By combining our top tier application development capability and experience with our creative and branding expertise, we deliver an amazing digital user experience to your employees, business partners and customers. 

Let our Digital Transformation Team help you maximize your return on investment in Microsoft solutions such as Office 365, SharePoint, Windows Azure, SQL and Dynamics CRM. Our team focus on Agile methodologies to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape.

CDM's Digital Transformation Practice can help you with:


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Areas of Excellence
  • Defence

    For over 20 years CDM has continued to work with the Department of Defence delivering outcomes to their exacting standards and meeting their needs.

    The Department of Defence has exacting standards, complex needs and challenging timeframes as they undertake many important additions and upgrades to their technology. CDM continues to work with many key areas within Defence to deliver innovative and well-managed solutions. CDM’s proven approach to project assessment and delivery has seen numerous projects completed on time and on budget.

    Department of Defence
  • Government

    CDM works with all three tiers of government, Federal, State and Local to deliver the facilities they need to enhance service delivery.

    Excellent technical skills along with a customer outcome focused ethic help government organisations achieve the most cost effective result over the life of the project.

    Through working with all tiers of government for over 20 years CDM understands the importance of delivering value for money projects through high quality advice, innovation, thought leadership, and strong delivery methodology and practices.

    Federal, State and Local Government Supported